The Outback Principles

1. What Google wants Google gets.
Outback Solutions designs and codes sites to be search engine friendly, with particular emphasis on Google. 

2. Serving our clients is serving ourselves.
Outback Solutions wants to be the first name you think of when any question involving the Internet arises.

3. Simple beauty is simply beautiful.
Simplicity, functionality and beauty are the hallmarks of Outback Solutions.

4. Fast is better than slow.
We have a dedicated team responsible for the development and maintenance of sites.

5. Content is king (or queen if you prefer).
Relevant, original content is the single most important feature of an effective web presence if you want to be found online.

6. Shift Happens.
We know things change. Outback Solutions has a team that maintains our clients' investments.

7. Listening and Hearing Matters. Outback Solutions practices the platinum rule,"treat others the waythey want to be treated".

8. Client Profitability Matters.
We don’t see what we do as the final product.It is a service or a platform that enables our clients to achieve their goals.

9.  There's always more information out there.With new information comes the need to update, refresh and redesign your web presence.

10. Mistakes may happen...and when they do, Outback Solutions acts! 

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